10k White Gold Diamond Wedding/Anniversary Ring Band


10k White Gold Diamond Wedding Anniversary Band Ring (GH, I2-I3, 0.11 carat) – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. This Wedding/Anniversary Band Ring is set beautifully in lustrous 10k white gold with sparkling fiery icy white diamonds. This gorgeous and beautiful Diamond Ring is the most perfect diamond jewelry for celebrating and sharing one of the most special dates in your life with your love one. Flowers are beautiful. Chocolate is sweet. Dinner is romantic. But how long do they last? A week? A day? A fleeting instant? When celebrating a moment you want to remember forever, give the gift that matches the occasion.A DIAMOND IS FOREVER Signature Required upon delivery. Please arrange an eligible recipient at home to receive your order. Thank you!!!

I was nervous about buying jewelry online, especially since I couldn’t see it very well in the photo, but I figured I could always return it if it wasn’t what I wanted. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted, though–it’s perfect–so delicate and pretty, with a little milgrain edge, and at such a bargain! I thought maybe the diamonds would be cloudy or discolored because they aren’t the finest clarity, but they look perfect–they’re pretty tiny anyway, which is just what I wanted. I’m using it as my wedding band, and it looks quite nice beside my solitaire diamond.

My only gripe is that it came 4 days later than Amazon said it would, but Amazon customer service was really nice about it.

k white gold diamond wedding anniversary ring band1 10k White Gold Diamond Wedding/Anniversary Ring Band