18K White Gold Men’s & Women’s Wedding Bands 4mm comfort-fit light

  • Solid 18K Gold
  • Made in the USA
  • with Certificate of Authenticity

Product Description

4mm Half round comfort-fit light 18k white gold men’s & women’s wedding band polished to a high shine.

I bought this ring for my husband for our wedding and it is perfect. He wanted something plain and simple with a comfort-fit band so he could wear it comfortably while playing hockey. We had browsed many jewelry stores, both local shops and national brand names, but left each one disappointed. All of the comfort fit rings we tried were so bulky-looking on his finger like the ring was wearing him rather than the other way around. Each time, we were told that it’s just the way it is when you buy a comfort-fit ring. Lies!

Thank goodness for iweddingband and the comfort-fit light design. It was an easy decision to order the ring because the return policy allowed me two weeks to send it back if I was dissatisfied. Also, we didn’t care about brand names because gold is gold and unless you get the really pricey kind of insurance on your ring, the insurance company doesn’t care what “brand” your ring is; they just want a straight appraisal of the metal and any precious stones. …But something tells me that if you’re looking into thrifty options like iweddingband, you’re likely of the same mindset that purchasing pricey insurance and those brand name jewelers would be considered going overboard anyway. I digress.

Purchasing the ring was very simple, especially since we had already seen many designs in person and knew what we were looking for. Shipping was incredibly fast (3 days for processing and 2 days for shipping). When the ring arrived, everything was perfect. It was packaged minimally (plus!) but safely in a small bubble-lined envelope with the ring inside a foam pouch, inside of a little velvet bag. The ring was nicer in person than in the online photo, shiny and perfect from every angle with no scuffs or imperfections.

k white gold men s women s wedding bands mm comfort fit light1 18K White Gold Mens & Womens Wedding Bands 4mm comfort fit light