4MM High Polish Ladies Eternity Titanium Ring Wedding Band

  • Genuine Titanium
  • Comfort Fit
  • Grade AAAAA Quality Cubic Zirconia
  • Comes with a FREE Ring Box!!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This beautiful ring is 4MM in width and comfort fit. It is high-polish with channel set Cubic Zirconia going all the way around the ring. Our rings are hypoallergenic. All rings come with a 100% money back guarantee and a FREE ring box.

Ring is SOLID,has a bit of “weight” to it.Feels very comfortable on.True to size (I’m a 6).CZ’s are rather small,but compliment the setting of the ring.CZ’s have a very nice “sparkle” to them and Titanium is very high polished and shiny!I also ordered the “3MM Ladies Titanium Eternity Engagement Wedding Ring w/Pave Set CZ’s”.I could not decide while looking online between the two different rings,as to which I would like as my wedding bands<(wearing two at a time).Now that I have tried them on several times in order to decide,I think I will be choosing the other ring as my wedding bands,as it is my preference for how the other rings look for my wearing two rings together,(even my fiance' really liked the look of the two 3MM Titanium Eternity w/Pave set CZ's on my finger!).This 4MM ring,seems more suited for "one ring" wearing.THIS ring however, is SO beautiful and high quality AND at such an amazing (sale) price,that I will NOT be returning them! (I ordered four of each two different rings.To wear two at a time,plus have a back-up).I may also choose to wear this 4MM Eternity Ring, on my right hand.It really is just too beautiful not to wear now that I have it as well!

My suggestion would be that if you want a ring w/a bit of weight to it,that is very comfortable to wear,”under-stated” yet still is beautiful with “sparkly” CZ’s and high polished Titanium (a strong metal), than THIS ring is ideal for you!

**Update:Since my wedding day,it is THIS ring,which I have been wearing as my daily ring set (I wear two at a time,side by side).The only reason I do not wear the other ring I purchased,on a daily basis (in my review here),even though it was my actual “wedding day” ring,is b/c that ring SNAGS on certain material worn.My wedding day ring(s) I wear for special occasions (as it also has a higher worth point).
THIS ring,is just SO COMFORTABLE,even when two of these rings are worn side by side!(I have long fingers).

mm high polish ladies eternity titanium ring wedding band1 4MM High Polish Ladies Eternity Titanium Ring Wedding Band