5mm Mens Comfort Fit Titanium Wedding Ring

  • 5mm Comfort Fit
  • Choose you ring size from 7 to 12 1/2
  • Comes in a velvet Oxford Ivy pouch
  • Comes in a velvet pouch

5mm Men’s comfort fit titanium ring from Oxford Ivy. Choose your size from 7 – 12 1/2.

After buying an expensive ring for my fiancée she insisted my ring not be cheap and fake looking. Well I made her half happy by purchasing this. Cheap it is, but only the price. The look and quality is not. This is a great band for any man who just wants to get away with a very affordable and good looking ring after buying his girl something expensive. I’ve had it for ten days and it looks the same as it did when I took it out of the box. It came in a small ziplock crack rock type of bag and a velvet pouch. I’m very happy with this purchase and more importantly so is the future Mrs. Transit.

I recently got married and had never worn a ring in my life. My first purchase was a bolder, darker ring that looked cool and kind of made a statement. The problem? I hated having on my hand. It was heavy, dug into my middle finger and pinky when I made a fist, and unusually noisy when my hand came down on a desk. It bothered me when I was typing, holding a cup, even on my car’s steering wheel.

I bought this one and it’s like a dream. Classy-looking and most importantly, so light that I barely know it’s there. I even left it on while golfing.

If you want a simple ring that’s light and comfortable, you’ll be happy. And if you lose it, you’re $20 and two shipping days away from a replacement.

mm mens comfort fit titanium wedding ring1 5mm Mens Comfort Fit Titanium Wedding Ring