Bling Jewelry Wood Inset Tungsten Beveled Edge Ring

  • Wood Inset
  • Beveled Edge
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • band width 8mm
  • 12.3 grams Total Weight

This incredible wood inset mens band has a great earthy tone. This unique uinsex tungsten fashion ring features a wood pattern going through the center of the band. This unisex tungsten wood ring will make an excellent gift to a friend or the man in your life. These wood inset tungsten band rings consist of tarnish resistant tungsten carbide. This material is extremely strong and will ensure that your tungsten beveled edge ring stays it perfect condition for a long time. Order your mens tungsten wood inlay rings today.

So this ring is great for a wedding band, its unique + classy. The all silver band and gold bands that are on 90% of guys are just boring to me. I was so happy to find this ring among the trendy carbon fiber and Celtic stuff, those are just not my cup of tea. Nothing like dark wood, manly and elegant. Incredibly happy with this product.

Alright, so now the important stuff that will save you time.

1st: I suggest to get 1/2 size down. I’m a 9, sized at a local shopping center, read previous reviews and ordered a 8.5 and it was perfect.

2nd: After noticing that there were over 20 sellers with a similar ring, I kept going back and forth between pictures to see which one I wanted to buy I decided on the Seller: Bling and also Blue Chip Unlimited – Unique 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring with Inlaid Wood Grain Wedding Band Engagement Ring Fashion Jewelry Gift (Available in Sizes 4-15), both size 8.5, were Prime shipping and within a couple bucks of each other. I intended to compare which one I liked more and return the other, then purchase a backup of the one I liked more since they are so inexpensive in case years from now I lose it who knows if they will still be available.
Well guess what? They are the same ring, not similar, THE EXACT SAME RING, Shape/size/fit/Both arrived in a little black felt bag. I’m putting this same review on both sellers. The ONLY difference is the engraved font inside reading “Tungston” is slightly bigger in one than the other. And the Bling seller included a card with a 10% discount code on future purchases, that was nice. So I ended up keeping both icon smile Bling Jewelry Wood Inset Tungsten Beveled Edge Ring , my plan all along to have 2 of same ring. Now I know that all the ones that looked the same, with different prices from $25-$300….are all probably the same.

3rd: These do not look like the picture in person in terms of color or wood and metal. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. The Tungsten is not as bright and chrome-like as their stock images. Still shines in the light and looks more handsome than the picture. While scanning pictures of these rings I found one that actually has an accurate picture of this ring this seller INOX INOX Men’s Titanium Wedding Band with Wood Inlay Size 11 I know that sellers ring is listed as “Titanium” but that is exactly what this ring looks like, seriously holding this ring up to the computer screen it is like a mirrored image, so use that for reference.

Bling jewelry wood inset tungsten beveled edge ring1 Bling Jewelry Wood Inset Tungsten Beveled Edge Ring