Hammered Wedding Band 14K Rose Gold


This unique mens wedding band features a 14k rose gold hammered center and brightly polished beveled 14k white gold edge.

It is a beautiful ring, with hammered rose gold band, and subtle decoration on the surrounding white gold. My husband gets many compliments, and he says it is very comfortable to wear. At first he thought the size ran a little big, but after wearing it for a while it seems just right.
I love the ring but was a bit frustrated with the exchange process. The ring is beautiful and I’m overall satisfied with the purchase. I ordered my correct ring size but it ended up being 1/2 size too small. When I contacted Pompeii3 customer service, I was told that most people have to order 1/2 size larger in the wider bands. I was also told that I could exchange the ring within 6 months at no additional cost (besides the cost to send the ring back to be exchanged). I sent it back the day after receiving it. After they received the ring back, I received an e-mail stating that I had to pay $14.50 for shipping/handling to have my new ring sent to me. The fee was waived after I explained the conversation I had with their customer service agent and I received my new ring. When I got the package, I found that they didn’t send me a white gold/rose gold ring…they sent me a yellow gold/rose gold ring. I decided to keep the ring and not contact customer service again. I like it ok but wish I would’ve gotten the white gold instead of the yellow gold.

The customer service representative that I actually talked to on the phone was very nice and helpful. The representative that waived the fee was actually contacted via e-mail, but was also helpful. I was just frustrated with the fees that I was told would not be part of the exchange in the first place.

Hammered wedding band k rose gold1 Hammered Wedding Band 14K Rose Gold