Men’s Cobalt 7.5mm Comfort Fit Plain Wedding Band


Cobaltchrome™ is a new generation of contemporary metal that offers extraordinary characteristics. Cobaltchrome™ is incredibly hard and provides an uncompromising strength. Because of its tremendous abundance of strength, it is shatterproof and will not crack. Its reliable durability has also proven to be scratch-resistant. Because of the unique way Cobaltchrome™ has been produced, it has endless capabilities to be formed into virtually any shape or design. There are a variety of unique and classic styles to choose from. Cobaltchrome™ is one of the only alternative metals in the marketplace that can be re-sized. Cobaltchrome™ does not contain harmful alloys that cause allergic reactions. Because it is purely natural and can be tolerated by the human body, it has been highly accepted and used within medical practices. Cobaltchrome™ features a natural, long-lasting high luster that never fades or discolors over time.

My husband and I had been searching for a classy wedding band that wasn’t cheap looking for a great price. We bonused and got a classy yet durable ring that he is proud to show off. If your searching for a nice ring the Amazon Curated Collection is the best quality and looks amazing.
I ended up ordering two sizes and Amazon sets it up well for return of the other. No worries if you want to do it that way. Can’t beat the price and I like the fact that this won’t “golden” like my old white gold band did – I’m a silver guy. I also liked cobalt vs tungsten because I didn’t want my ring falling and shattering on the ground (chance that it might).
Men s cobalt mm comfort fit plain wedding band1 Mens Cobalt 7.5mm Comfort Fit Plain Wedding Band