Mens or Ladies Wide Skull Ring, Wedding Band


Skull ring with S pattern. Skull can be hidden by rotating ring. Browse more skulls rings by using the Skull Designs Brand Link above. Designed and expertly crafted by Sziro Jewelry with high quality materials. Made in the USA. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

My boyfriend and I both decided to get these rings for our engagement. The skull rings are well made and the silver is very good quality. The skull, was perfect for us, as it has a strong meaning for us both – which is fun and the idea that it looks like a wedding band…symbolizes our love. I got the silver one and my boyrfirend got the black/sliver one. They are not too big… but…big enough that you can see the skull head. The eyes and nose of the skull are hollow – so you can add diamonds or stones to them. We plan on doing both…diamonds in the eyes and our birthstones in the nose or vice versa…not sure yet. The only bad thing is that because it is a wider band and a solid band inside (not hollow)…it does fit small. I usually am a perfect 6 on my left wedding finger – but I need to order a 6.5 or 6.75 to fit this ring. happy shopping
I ordered these as wedding rings in the sterling silver. I only wear sterling silver or white gold and haven’t had a reaction. My entire finger turned green where the metal had contact with my skin. The inside is stamped .925 so i was really shocked. I have had the ring off for 1 week and the green is just starting to fade. I love this ring so much that I ordered a replacement, i’m hoping the replacement does not turn my finger green. The company has been wonderful and apologetic through the process.
Mens or ladies wide skull ring wedding band1 Mens or Ladies Wide Skull Ring, Wedding Band