Orazio – Stunning Two Tone Comfort Fit Wedding Band


Classic Two-Tone Wedding Band for Him & Her – Comfort Fit! Seven mm wide, 925 Sterling Silver & 10K Gold. All of our rings are custom made. Contact us for any customizations! (Also available in 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Titanium & Gold, or Platinum!)

Ordered two of these for our anniversary. They are lovely, though ladies with smaller hands might find it a bit thick (I happen to have long narrow hands, so this ring looks great).

A caution on size. Having been warned about the amazon sizing chart we used the one from Blue Nile to size our old rings. This resulted in us getting a ring that was 2 full sizes too large for me and a full size too large for my husband. We essentially wasted $75 to have one ring resized instead of simply going to a store to have our fingers measured. As such I highly recommend that if you are not 100% positive of your ring size that you go to a jeweller and have them size you.

The image really does not do this ring justice. It is truly stunning.

Let me tell you, I order this ring not only is the ring very stunning but the price was very good. For some reason it didn’t ship after a week, so I email the seller got a responds and they over nighted the the ring (very impress with the responds). I am in Iraq so I had the ring ship to the states to my soon to be wife, she flip when she saw the ring, was happy, I could hear the the smile in her voice, she took several pic of the ring on her finger, off her finger in the box…lol lol. I am glad that she is happy with the ring…..she said to me no one has ever done anything like this before….I haven’t seen the ring yet it will be another 2 weeks until I am home…as long as she is happy then I am happy…THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !!!!!!
Orazio stunning two tone comfort fit wedding band1 Orazio   Stunning Two Tone Comfort Fit Wedding Band