SALE PRICE! Chisel Brown Enamel Flat Polished Titanium Ring


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This Chisel Titanium Ring comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty. The warranty applies should you ever need a new size only of the same style. A deductible of 30% of original purchase price plus shipping charges applies for refurbishing costs. Should the ring no longer be sold the warranty will apply to similarly priced styles. Titanium jewelry will show scratches and this is not considered a manufacturer’s defect.

I bought this ring for my fiance. He had a brown and silver bracelet that i bought him for his birthday, and I searched high and low to find jewelry to match it. This ring was perfect! It is very stylish and has a very expensive look. The price is very reasonable, and they have larger sizes. I would highly recommend this rimg!
Sale price chisel brown enamel flat polished titanium ring1 SALE PRICE! Chisel Brown Enamel Flat Polished Titanium Ring