SOMEN TUNGSTEN 8mm Gold Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men Women Wedding Band

  • Tungsten Carbide Rings free Cobalt
  • Gold IPG Polished Dome Laser Engraved LOTR style
  • Durable 100% Scratch-proof
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Comfort fit 8MM Sizes 6 – 13.5

This beautiful tungsten carbide ring is 8mm in width.Our tungsten rings are all free cobalt.We offer the high quality product and reasonable price. Tungsten rings advantage: 1.Hard and dense:about 9 Mohs hardness scale,that’s 10 times harder than 18k gold, 6 times harder than tool steel,and 5 times harder than titanium. 2.Permanently New:Tungsten is a extreme hardness metals,So it can not be easily worn out or leave scrathces in daily life.wears for several tens of years,and keep it shiny forever. 3.Never deformed:No matter what the situation, it can maintain its original shape.But, if you’re not careful it fell above 1.8M high places, it will be broken. 4.Highest melting point:3400 degrees

I am a huge LOTR geek and I honestly never thought I could aford a good version of the One Ring. This is an amazing item! Shipped fast, nice heft to it(feels like gold), the inscription is nice(it could be darker to make more easily legible, but is nice anyway.)
this is a really great item for $84 less than it normally costs for this! Get it!

Somen tungsten mm gold tungsten carbide rings for men women wedding band1 SOMEN TUNGSTEN 8mm Gold Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men Women Wedding Band