Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Two-Tone Wedding Band Ring


I absolutely love this ring. It looks amazing but not at all feminine. I’ve received a lot of compliments from both men and women. I was skeptical about the scratch-proof claim but I’ve had it for about a month and a half and I wear it to my warehouse job; I have yet to see a flaw in it. I think this is the best ring I could have found and the price was unbeatable for the quality.

To the previous reviewer, I’m sorry to hear about the allergic reaction problem but don’t feel worried about selling it. Not everyone is allergic to cobalt so simply tell interested customers about the potential issue and let them give it a shot.

I got this ring for my husband for our wedding and it was perfect at first but then one of the stones fell out. Then about 6 months later the black part on the side of the ring fell off. He tried to superglue to back on but it kept coming off and eventually broke beyond repair. Without that piece on the side it not only looks bad but it hurts his finger. Now after only wearing it for 1.5 years we have to get another one. I thought Tungsten was supposed to be stronger than that. Maybe if it was one piece it would be more durable.
This is my wedding ring, and I love it. Size was perfect (thanks to the ring sizing guide!). Looks great and I hope it remains this beautiful for my lifetime.
Tungsten carbide black diamond two tone wedding band ring1 Tungsten Carbide Black Diamond Two Tone Wedding Band Ring